Department of Corrections reflection

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Department of Corrections reflection

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:54 am

What did you think about the visit to the Department of Corrections? How did you feel before entering the correctional facility? What was the most interesting thing about the facility? How did you feel about the stories told by the 3 inmates? Will this experience help you make future decisions about whether to do good or bad?


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Re: Department of Corrections reflection

Post  Daenna_D201 on Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:41 pm

-The facility was not all that . I mean it was kind of cool to see , but it's not really that fun or anything like that .
-Before I entered the facility I was fine , I was thinking and imagining what it would feel and look like . I was expecting more from what we saw , like bars , and gates . I thought it would be like what I've seen before , you know like the ones in movies and TV shows , stuff like that , but what I saw was every unexpecting and very interesting .
-What I found very interesting was the fact that "the people" in there were so different from each and everyone in the facility . They all are/use to be very sweet and kind .
-I would or even could ever imagine that they would do stuff like that . It's like the old saying " Bad stuff happen to bad people and good people , but everything happens for a reason ". The stories were every touching and heart warming and hopefully it changed others the same way it changed me . IT'S A LESSON I LEARNED AND A LESSON I WILL NEVER FORGET !
-This experience has and will help and change my decisions in the past and the future . I've never experience anything like that before and hopefully I will never . The moment I stepped in to the moment I stepped out is the moment I said " I AM NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS OR ANY OTHER FACILITY FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE !"

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